Deliver automated emails that are timely, personalized and hyper-relevant to your users. With a real-time trigger feature, you can drive results and grow your business from your existing customer basewithout having to spend time continuously working on each.

Web Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications

Re-engage with your users by sending push notifications that are useful and relevant to them. Backed with our excellent segmentation capability, these are effective in delivering time sensitive messages such as coupons, short-time discounts or important actionable information.

On-Site Personalization

Customized display ad content on your customer's screen to onboard new users or nudge existing users towards a conversion. Improve the success of your lead generation efforts with a highly targeted and personalized display advertising.

On-Site Personalization

Awesome Features

A powerful platform, with all the necessary functionalities to implement, analyse, optimise and personalise real-time, targeted messaging.


Advance rule base messaging to trigger your audience automatically based on a schedule.

Behavioral Tracking

Measure and analyze the true intent of a user by combining click tracking and tracking time spent on the website, amongst various other behavioral aspects.

User Profiles

Create profiles based on action or behavior of a certain group of users. It also analyses the user's interaction with the messages that have been sent to them.

Build Segments

Leverage insights from current and past session behavior along with internal and external data sources to segment visitors, users and accounts in real time.

Creative Campaigns

Display content and product recommendations based on an individual preferences, behavior and history - anywhere on the site.

Real-time Personalisation

Deliver personalised messages, content and experiences based on real-time segmentation - anywhere in a page, app or email - all without flicker.